Arizona RoboFoamer Site Information
(This page last updated on: 06/13/2015)

What is RoboFoamer?
RoboFoamer is a system that was started by Jon Adams for the BNSF Phoenix Subdivision (Also known as the Peavine).  We here asked Jon how it works and then we made it work for the Union Pacific Phoenix Subdivision (Link Coming Soon).  The system uses ATCS Monitor System with certain coding to trigger rules which sends out an email alert.  With new technologies and hardware, we here at took RoboFoamer to be more advanced then what we thought of it could be.  Now it can send out email alerts as trains approach certain control points.  Count the amount of trains for Hourly, Daily and Monthly.  Monitors multiple subdivisions in Arizona.

What is an alert?
Alerts are sent from the system when trigger by a rule for certain control points.

What is a Control Point?
Control Points are the Signal Boxes that are controlled by dispatch using CTC to authorize trains for movement. 

What does system down mean?
When there is a communication issue (Internet issue, Frequency Issue, etc..) during the monitoring period, that control point will be noted that the information can be missing data.

What Subdivisions and Control Points are monitored?
BNSF Seligman Subdivision
- West Darling
- Maine
- Williams Jct
- East Seligman

BNSF Phoenix Subdivision
- Williams Jct

Union Pacific Gila Subdivision
- West Picacho (Outbound Phoenix Trains going East)
- Hwy 87 (Outbound Phoenix Trains going West)
- Toltec
- Maricopa
- Wellton (Outbound Roll Industrial (old Phoenix Sub) Trains)
- West Wellton
- Fortuna

Union Pacific Lordsburg Subdivision
- Mescal (Westbound only)
- Vail Crossovers (Eastbound only)

Union Pacific Phoenix Subdivision
- Picacho Wye
- Coolidge

Union Pacific Yuma Subdivision
- Araz